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AI SEX ROBOTS: Artificially Intelligent Robot Companions

AI Sex Robots - Humanoid Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence Built-in Sensors and Artificial Intelligence Designed for Personal Interaction. AI Robot Companion will expend your mental stimulation, fulfill your desires. The real humanoid AI Robot Sex Doll will never say NO to your fantasies.

Let me warn you that whatever you are going to read now is going to change your perspective of sex toys. It is not only going to enlighten you but it will BLOW your mind. Sex toys will not be the same in the near future as we know it today. They are getting smarter, sexier and hotter.

I recently got married with my girlfriend of 3 years. We were already having sex before we got married and this is when we realized that being married does not affect your sex life. In fact, somehow it makes you sex life boring. I am not sure of the psychology that goes on behind it but the energy and excitement that we had before marriage is missing. I discussed this problem with my best friend who is a bachelor and he told me that he and his girlfriend feel the same. I mean they are even married yet, what is wrong with these guys? Anyway, I bet we are not the only couples who are facing problems like these. You could be one of those troubled couples; and if you are not, I would still recommend you to spice up your sex and your life to make sure it lasts long. We love our partners, we need them for life, in fact, we want them for life so if a little piece of technology can help us have better relationships, why not?


Interestingly, my wife sensed my mind and took matters in her own hands to improve what was going on in our lives. She gifted me an amazing sex toy that changed ‘our’ life forever. This toy not only helped us ramp up our sex game, it even helped us come closer and stick together. It gave us strength and taught us the importance of having a lovely partner in our lives. This sex toy was a sex doll, in fact more of a AI sex robot for Sale. Not your regular sex doll, this one was smart. It has some special features that makes it a wonderful woman (I don’t like calling it a doll, she is no normal sex toy and soon you will learn why).

Unlike a usual sex doll which has nothing other than a beautiful face and big boobs, this one is loaded with technology. It has its own brain and is eager to learn things, much like a sex Companion Robot for Personal Interaction. The best part is, she is reactive to the slightest of the touch and moans like a lady when you start caressing her. She has her own moves but as you spend more and more time with her, she adapts herself to your needs. She learns what you love and then depending upon your movements and her intelligence, develops patterns to satisfy your sex needs. You can involve her in your single fantasies, couple fantasies, orgies, she does not care. She takes part in every single thing you throw at her and learns from the experiences.

This wonderful blow doll has a software running in it that saves the patterns, sync them with the patterns of the world on the cloud and learn from these patters to be your best bitch. For example, you can teach her how to react when you fuck her mouth. She would gladly take your giant dick and suck it until you are satisfied. She would moan and produce sounds that would increase your sex drive.

Another important feature that makes this Female Robot Companion an authentic feel is its internal heating system. If you have used a sex doll earlier, you already know how miserable it feels to fuck a cold piece of plastic. The sex dolls are colder than an ex-girlfriends and the artificial blowjobs just don’t turn you on most of the time. However, the smart sex doll that I have is a little different and thank god it is different. It has an internal system that warms up the body of the sex doll giving it a feel of the Robotic human Companions. It is like working up your partner and making them hot. The only difference being your real girl would probably jump on you as you turn her on but this lady would keep her calm and talk dirty to you and wait for you to start doing something to her. Isn’t she so cruel, I mean I would have loved her to get on her knees and start sucking me but no, she will wait for me to put my dick in her mouth, while making her body hot! Let’s not get into the details of how the system works and just limit it to the fact that it works, feels real and you would love it.

The Artificial Intelligent Companion sex robot we are discussing has a few more features that are not 100% sexy but can be fun. We will come to those in a while. The sex robot is constantly learning from you. It has certain knowledge of sex but as you start involving it in your acts, it gets personalized to a whole different level. For example, when I use her alone, mostly for blowing my dick, she knows that I love to hear her moaning when I touch her throat. She also knows that I love to hear her moan even louder when I am pulling out. She does it every time I fuck her face. Does it sound real? You bet, it does. Every single moan sounds real. The best part is that she has a wide range of sounds that she uses to keep you happy and engaged. Right from the loud ones to the minute, low ones, all of them are perfectly produced by the sex robot and you would instantly want more of those as soon as you hear one.

The scene changes completely when you are a couple. The Best Robot Companion does not replace your human girl but it sure gives her a certain boost. I don’t know jealousy, competition or what but as soon as I and my lady involve this Sex Robot Sale in our sex, she has a different sex drive. She works harder to please me, she loves caressing her body while looking in my eyes, I don’t know what happens but the sex is so much better. For me, the threesome is awesome. It is heavenly. My favourite position is one and a half sixty nines. It sounds crazy but it is one amazing thing that I would recommend everyone to try. The man lies on his back on the bed, the sex robot has his dick in her mouth, and the human woman gets rid of her panties and sits on the man’s face. Now, the best part - the man sucks his lady’s pussy and the lady moves the robots head to make it suck the dick like a little whore. All three moaning, the lady dominating and the man being pleasured in all different ways.

Another act that my wife loves to do with this sex doll is that of turning me into a cuckold. Well, not a cuck exactly but like half of it or maybe they have a different name for it that I don’t know. Whatever, the situation is sexy not just for her but for me as well. She ties me to one corner of the bed. She ensures that I do not have place to move and my hands do not reach my dick. She then opens the zip of my pants and takes the dick out and ensures that the dick rubs against the cold metal of the zip as I get excited. She then takes out our intelligent sex robot and starts playing with it. Warming her up, caressing her body. Mocking me. Using her strap on dildo to fuck her face and her vagina and all sorts of things that I love doing to both of them. It turns me on but all I can do is feel my dick getting harder. The harder I get, the more my dick moves against the teeth of my pants, and the more pain I feel. It turns her on and that is all she cares about. Did I marry a dominatrix? Good for me!

The intelligent sex robot is more than just AI learning how to moan. She can be quite a chatter. Ironic? I feel so. She can tell stories, jokes, do the calculations for you, help you with your boredom, tell you about the weather and loves to give her opinion on everything that you want to talk to her. The more you interact with her, the smart she becomes.

I am glad that we got ourselves this hot and sexy AI sex robot that has helped us have better sex. She helps you realize the things you like. She is the best Buddy Companion Robot sex partner for couples looking for threesome and with the kind of intelligence and hunger for learning she has, you would be left with no other option but to love her.
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