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The Thing about Direct Traffic...Yoli's Tip for Marketers - Yoli Chisholm - Sr. Marketing Executive with 20 years Experience

Hey everyone! it’s Yoli Chisholm and
welcome to the Yoli Chisholm show where
I talk about marketing past and present
and tools tactics and technology that
I’m excited about and today I want to
talk about direct traffic let’s talk
about it
hey so before we get to the show I do
want to mention that if you’d rather
listen to me on a podcast as you
navigate your way through your day
please do you can reach me at podcasts
Yoli Chisholm comm and I’m available on
iTunes and Spotify look for Yoli
Chisholm so let’s talk about direct
traffic before we can go there what we
need to talk about are the three
different types of social the first is
OpenSocial that is the environment that
we typically share our content in
publicly when we share on platforms like
Facebook LinkedIn Twitter etc when you
share a link in that environment and
somebody clicks on that link and lands
on your website typically in your web
analytics it will show as a social
referral the second type of social is
closed social now clues social typically
refers to the environment like Facebook
Messenger or whatsapp or an email if you
click a share button and share in any of
those environments hey New York the
metadata is preserved and in your Google
Analytics you will be able to see that
that traffic that was clicked through
that link even though we’re sharing an
email or shared in a closed social
environment is attributed to social the
third area is called dark social now the
reason why dark social is so important
for you seasoned marketers you’re not in
your head you know exactly where I’m
going with this but for those of you who
might be novice is or who might not be
aware of this with dark social which is
actually where mo
of the sharing happens over 80% of all
the social media sharing of our content
happens in the dark social environment
this is when you copy and paste a link
and paste it in your in a text and a
text message or you paste it in an email
this is typically when somebody clicks
on that link and lands on your website
your web analytics tool is not able to
achieve it it to social so how do you
track your dark social traffic well
here’s a tip I’m gonna give you so for
those of you who look at your website
analytics on a regular basis you will
see that typically the way it’s
categorized whether it’s in Google
Analytics or any other analytics
platform is that you see your direct
traffic you see your traffic that came
through search you see your traffic that
came through social and other referring
links direct has typically been defined
as the the traffic that came through
people just literally typing in your
website URL.
As the Advisor - Yoli is interested in Advisory roles for Technology businesses BtoC and BtoB where she can provide guidance on growth and go to market strategies.
For more, Visit Us: http://www.yolichisholm.com

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