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How do Couples Seek Men

Spicing up your relationship is crucial to improve intimacy. As a result, couples seek various ways to achieve this. One of the best approaches is asking men to act as a third wheel. Some couples prefer having threesomes, especially if the woman prefers having several men when having sex. However, if you have never tried it, how can you get a man? It is not easy to approach any man and ask for a threesome. But there some avenues where you can get willing men to engage in sex. Here are some of the ways couples seek males:


Dating sites

Nowadays, dating sites have different categories ranging from men, women, transgender, and bisexuals. Also, you will find some dating sites with men looking for couples to have sex. If a man is not looking for a serious relationship but wants to engage in sex, they can find what they are looking for by expressing their desires.


Escort sites

Have you ever visited any escort sites? Escort sites offer a wide range of services, including the Girlfriend Experience and bisexuals. Ergo, if you are looking for a man to spice your relationship, you need to filter the results. When you search the right escort websites, you will get males.



Although this is not a reliable avenue looking for men, you can find legitimate men who are willing to have a threesome. However, you need to be very specific when requesting such services. Craigslist serves more than 570 cities in 70 countries. Ergo, if you are within one of the cities or countries, you will get men as a couple.


Remember, before you start looking for men, as a couple, you should discuss the idea thoroughly to avoid hurting the other partner. Finally, ensure you agree on the roles the man will play, whether to use protection, and if you will all get tested for HIV and other venereal diseases.

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